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Time Out Of Mind

A 25th Anniversary Celebration

"What Lanois heard that day were songs that focused on what Dylan called “the dread realities of life.”

“They had a lot in them,” Lanois says today. “They had regret and hope, beauty and optimism. A lot of life experience. They were so complex.”

- RollingStone
Sept 30,2017

If You Love Time Out Of Mind


Live-Stream Broadcast (Monthly)

Each month one aspect of TOOM comes into focus with expert presentations and discussions.

Song-By-Song Analysis (Weekly)

Every TOOM song and outtake gets explored in this series of new and old reviews, analysis, insights and commentary.

Listening Parties & Discussions

Join us online to listen and discuss the TOOM songs, live performances, great covers, and more.

Share Your Impressions

Why do you love TOOM? Which lyrics or sounds get you every time? What questions do you have? Talk to the community!

Speakers / Contributors

Streaming Series Details

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E01: The Making of TOOM

May 7, 2022 (Now Available for Replay)

Making Time Out Of Mind

Time Out Of Mind plays a pivotal role in Dylan's career, and this event will look at how it was made and released. We'll learn where Bob was when recording started and the unique process that created this much loved album.


Michael Hacker


Bob Dylan and his career were in a different place in the years just before Time Out Of Mind. To understand the work and its reception we'll look back to the mid 80's and early 90's, to set the stage for the record's emergence and the reaction it inspired.

Mark Howard

Engineer, Time Out Of Mind

Let's ask the man who was there how TOOM came to sound that way, what takes we didn't hear, who made the key decisions, what happened in the room and what happened behind the scenes.

Alan Frasier

Publisher: Searching For A Gem

Every Dylan album means first rumors, then promo items, then official releases all over the world, singles, compilations, and more. Alan is *the* expert and he'll give us a tour of how this great album hit the streets.

Howard Sounes

Author: Down The Highway - The Life of Bob Dylan

Howard Sounes interviewed 250 of the most important people in Dylan's life for his book and it gave him a very interesting perspective particularly on the man Bob was in the early '90's and the impact the success of TOOM had on his career.

Sneak Peak

Sneak Peak

E02: The Songs Part I

June 11, 2022
1:30PM EST / 10:30AM PST / 6:30PM GMT

Why Do We Love Them So?

It's the songs on TOOM that we love, and so we'll take a fascinating and up-close look at them. First Graley Herren shares insights from his book on TOOM, then Scott Warmuth shows us some of the influences Bob was following, and Ray Padgett takes us behind the most famous TOOM songs as covered by others.


Graley Herren

Author: Dreams and Dialogues in Dylan's Time Out Of Mind

Professor Herren's book goes deep into the possible meanings and motivations behind the songs on Time Out Of Mind. He'll present thoughts on how 'murder ballads' might play a role in explaining the unified message on this album.

Scott Warmuth

Independant Scholar

The work Scott has done in identifying influences and quotations in Dylan's work is legendary, and TOOM is a place where this approach to songwriting really emerged. He'll share many of the sources he's discovered.

Ray Padgett

Publisher: Flagging Down The Double E's

In Ray's book Cover Met he investigated how Adele came to famously cover 'To Make You Feel My Love' and he'll share this story of a song that stands out on TOOM for more reason than one.

Larry Starr

Author: Listening to Bob Dylan

As an emeritus professor of music history at the University of Washington, Larry brings a very different approach to his recent book on Dylan, and a look at what's unique about the musical side of these songs and their performances.

E03: The Songs Part II

July 9, 2022

What Does It Mean?

They give you a feeling, but what to they mean? Go very deep with authors that have spent a lot of time and written extensively about some of our favorites like Mississippi, Girl From The Red River Shore, Can't Wait, and more. You'll never listen to Time Out Of Mind the same way again.


  • Scott Bunn (Recliner Notes)
  • Jochen Markhorst (New TOOM Book this fall)
  • Laura Tenschert (Definitely Dylan)
  • Special Guest (Announce Soon)
  • And More…

E04: TOOM Live Performances

August 6th, 2002

Did The Songs Change Live?

The songs of TOOM have been played thousands of times by Dylan in the last 25 years, and as we know he's open to changing words, music, melody, and more. Here we'll examine how these songs have been treated on stage.


  • Guests to be announced…

E05: The Sound and Performance

September 10, 2022

How Did They Do That?

As much as anything, it's the 'sound' of TOOM that sets it apart. In this event we'll look at both how it got that way, and how it affects people. We'll be joined by experts and musicians to learn more.


  • Guests to be announced…

E06: Life After TOOM

October 8, 2022

What Happened Next?

TOOM was a critical rebirth for Dylan, and since then his musical path, his role in culture, and his extracurricular projects often somehow seem to trace back. We'll look at it all the the long shadow of this great album.


  • Guests to be announced…

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