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Time Out of Mind Onstage: The Early Performances

Tim Edgeworth
August 2, 2022
(PREMIUM MEMBERS ONLY) It didn't take Dylan long to bring the Time Out Of Mind songs to The Never Ending Tour, and a surprising number of them got a lot of stage time. In this article Tim Edgeworth looks at the early appearances, telling us how live audiences first experienced the TOOM on stage.     Read More
Laura Tenschert Video 900×600

Laura Tenschert on Make You Feel My Love (S01E03)

Freak Music Club
July 29, 2022
Laura Tenschert of Definitely Dylan spoke about Make You Feel My Love, reiterating its history as a song that many Dylan fans and critics dislike, and then exploring the potential reasons for this reaction and possible means to be found in the song's lyrics.     Read More

Time On My Mind (Pt.3 – Standing In The Doorway)

Matthew Zuckerman
July 26, 2022
(Members Only) Another Part of Matthew Zuckerman's 2005 Time Out Of Mind post we're serializing. This part covers Standing In The Doorway, exploring links between the lines in the song and many old blues songs.     Read More

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"What Lanois heard that day were songs that focused on what Dylan called “the dread realities of life.”

“They had a lot in them,” Lanois says today. “They had regret and hope, beauty and optimism. A lot of life experience. They were so complex.”

- RollingStone
Sept 30,2017

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Mark Howard
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Michael Gray
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Make You Feel My Love

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