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Announcing Dylan.FM Season Two

Dylan.FM by Freak Music Club
January 6, 2023
The second year of Dylan.FM is about to begin, and this post talks about the programming and content we’re planning as well as the evolution of our free and Premium memberships and...

Reading The Tell Tale Signs

Matthew Zuckerman
June 21, 2022
(Fanatic Members Only) The Bootleg Series Volume 8: Tell Tale Signs was the first look behind the recording of Time Out Of Mind. It contains a dozen songs connected to these sessio...

Time On My Mind

Matthew Zuckerman
June 6, 2022
Matthew Zuckerman first wrote this article in 2005 when it was published in ISIS - eight years after the release of Time Out of Mind. It talks about the various musical and lyrical...

Mark Howard’s TOOM Notebook

Dylan.FM by Freak Music Club
May 10, 2022
(MEMBERS ONLY) Mark Howard the Engineer on Time Out Of Mind shared some pages from his notebook with us, specifically the recording notes from Not Dark Yet and Highlands. These rev...

Welcome To The TOOM25 Blog

Dylan.FM by Freak Music Club
May 1, 2022
Time Out Of Mind is not out of our minds. After 25 years we’re still listening, enjoying, considering, and discovering. This blog will give you a lot more to learn and think...