A New Thing* for Music Lovers

Fans Working Together

It’s easy to love Music, but being a fan can be hard.

It’s hard to keep up, to find what’s new, to discover the old, and sometimes to get in with the crowd of dedicated fans.

The internet has made it easier, of course, but now sometimes there is too much, and the quality isn’t always high.

So we’re working together to create and fund the content and community that we all want.

We hope you’ll join us.

* We’re essentially a fan club, created as a new organizational form called a ‘DAO’ which means our members control what we do and how we do it.


Great Content

Bring together the best creators and the smartest fans to find or create amazing content.


Cool Conferences

Design and host incredible streaming and live events bring experts and fans together.


Killer Collections

Help those who want to build them to discover the best recordings, artwork, memorabilia, etc.


Friendly Community

Build and grow a place where new and old fans can share and enjoy the fan experience.

Everyone's Welcome