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The 2023 Dylan.FM Master Schedule

In Season One, we focused on one album for the whole year. This year we’re going to move along a little faster.

We like focus, and digging deep into specific topics, so we’re adopting a quarterly format. Each quarter we’ll focus on one major theme — usually one of Dylan’s major studio releases. We’ll dive into that theme but also cover topics related to the central them, such as tours, events, or a movie.

Here are the themes we’ll cover this year:

Q1: The Mid-Career Covers Albums

Dylan returned to his roots in the early ‘90s, surprising everyone with two solo covers albums full of old covers and folk songs. We’ll look at these records, the role this shift played in Dylan’s own career and songwriting, plus Dylan’s live performances in the years 1990-1994, and the 30th Anniversary Concert (1993).

Q2: The Late 80’s Tragedy/Trilogy

Three of the four albums Dylan made in the late 80’s are considered his worst, but everything is relative – Bob’s worst is better than many artists best. We’ll dig into these three albums, the live Dylan & Dead album and show from this time period, as well as the movie Hearts of Fire.

Q3: Street Legal

Street Legal is a Dylan phase all by itself, as distinct from the Blood On The Tracks / Desire / Rolling Thunder years that proceeded it, as it is from the Gospel Years that follow. Yet it’s a huge album, supported by an equally distinct World Tour. We’ll examine all of it as well as the Renaldo & Clara movie.

Q4: Love & Theft

To end the year, we’ll jump forward to Time Out Of Mind’s successor, an album many feel surpasses it. We’ll dive into the record, the Jack Frost production, the great touring years of 1999-2001, and the Movie Masked and Anonymous.

Also In Season Two

  • Monthly Picks: Time and resources permitting, we hope to find the right way to usefully feature books and cover albums on a monthly basis.
  • Events: We’re still reconsidering how to be have live events, and hope to have at least quarterly Premium Member events that may or may not be related to our quarterly themes.
  • Podcasts & Interviews: The Dylan.FM podcast has become a key part of our offering, and will continue as such in 2023. But we also have some major podcast expansion planned that will benefit our Premium Members. Watch for a big announcement in the very near future!
  • Twitter, Premium Member Twitter Community, Mastodon, and Instagram: We share all kinds of Dylan content and to the degree these platforms can avoid being instruments of social destruction, we’ll keep on doing so.
  • Seven Days: Our newsletter of all things Dylan will continue each week.
  • Special Items: As interesting things pop-up, like The Philosophy of Modern Song did in 2022, we’ll cover those as well.